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Published September 18th, 2022 – 08:54 GMT


In a region where smart cities are taking precedent, individuals can experience their own taste of digital convenience with the latest innovations for the home.

In a region where smart cities are taking precedent, individuals can experience their own taste of digital convenience with the latest innovations for the home. While assembling a home with gadgets can be exciting, it’s important to find devices that integrate with each other in a smart home system, because once in place, it can feel like magic.   The smart home refers to a convenient home setup where devices can be controlled remotely through an app, performing numerous functions like automations and alerts which offer remarkable benefits to the user.

As part of its mission to help people across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia elevate their life to a smart home, LG Electronics (LG) today launches a new campaign across the Middle East and Africa to help users “Get More Magic” with ThinQ. “LG ThinQ, Get more magic” campaign aims to show how the app provides an elevated digital system that effortlessly offers convenience with AI technology. ThinQ analyzes the lifestyle, habits and preferences of its users to evolve function. The more it’s used, the better it will anticipate user needs—creating a personalized, magical experience that will only get better with time. 

The ThingQ app can create a world of difference for families across the home. Imagine hosting a party, preparing the family meal and a guest starts nagging about how hot it is. You ignore it once as you put food in the oven, but they say it again and again, making you feel frustrated as you can’t leave the kitchen unattended to get to the A/C. With ThinQ you can easily address temperature fluctuations to keep the home cool and comfortable so guests can get back to enjoying themselves and the delicious meal that’s been prepared. Once relaxing at the dining table, you can stay informed with the happenings of your smart home. If any children are sneaking around the refrigerator for dessert, ThinQ will send an alert to your Android or iOS based mobile and LG TV that the fridge door is open, so you can catch them before any food is spoiled.

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